Intro to Blogging Workshop 6/19 & Tea By The Sea

One of the benefits of holding The Write Alley’s monthly blogging and social media workshops at Ventura’s Bell Arts Factory is the venue itself.

Formerly a Bell mattress factory, Bell Arts Factory opened in 2006 and swarms with creative energy, artistic people, and small businesses with big ideas like  Tea By The Sea, a sweet little shop that’s serious about tea and run by Cindy Yoshitomi.

I love this quote by the Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh which I found on the Tea By The Sea website;  it’s a good reminder to slow down, to be attentive, and to be reverent about our daily actions and activities from drinking tea to walking a dog to smiling to writing a blog post. What does it mean to you? Click on the image to make it bigger and easier to read.

I met with Cindy recently over a cup of freshly brewed herbal tea to discuss beverages for Saturday’s workshop and for future ones too. She will provide a tea case with a variety of bagged traditional, herbal and other teas for us to choose, a large electric pot which will heat water, and reusable tea cups so we won’t be using disposable ones. I’ll bring tea and milk plus some cookies for us to snack on.

The June 19 intro to blogging workshop at Bell Arts Factory 432 N. Ventura Ave. is almost full; here’s more information about what it costs and what it will cover. To register and reserve your spot, send an email to

Next: beginning workshop Sat. July 3 from 10-noon; beginning or advanced beginning class Sat. July 31.

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