Inspiration & Perspiration: Deepak Chopra & the Divine Feminine at the Women’s Conference

Here it is Monday November 1 already, Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead. Did it feel to you like October flew past in a blur? I know it did for me as I was busy getting ready for and then attending the Women’s Conference.

Last Monday, I was at the Terrace Theater at the Long Beach Convention Center surrounded by thousands of women –yes mostly women, and literally thousands of them. That’s because I was at the sold out Governor’s Women’s Conference which Maria Shriver hosts for 10,000 women–and where I spoke later that day.

Because of some complications, I wasn’t able to get in in time to hear First Lady Maria Shriver. And I’m really disappointed I missed Her Holiness Shinso Ito, Head of The Shinnyo Sangha in Japan because I was called to a rehearsal for the Style Network “How Do I Look” makeover.

But I did hear
Deepak Chopra, and I was able to take some notes on my laptop until I had to run off (I even took off my shoes to run!)

Here’s some of what I learned from Deepak Chopra’s presentation on the Divine Feminine. You can also go to the Women’s Conference site to see a video of the various events.

Did you know Jonah Salk, the man who invented the polio vaccine, was also a deeply spiritual man? And that he came up with the term, metabiological evolution?

That’s the evolution of our consciousness—the evolution of consciousness, being conscious of our own awareness.

Chopra, who was mentored by Salk, asks us about consciousness: is it a byproduct of the human brain?

And what has our current consciousness, with our modern capacities and our ancient habits, what has our current consciousness brought us?

Around us we all see the devastating effects of our current consciousness: we are destroying ecosystems, there’s global warming, and increasing social and economic disparities among other problems.

In order to survive, according to Chopra, we humans need to change from a philosophy not of survival of the fittest but of the wisest.

But how?

The Divine Feminine is the answer–and not just because he’s at a women’s conference, he says with a laugh.

If we’re to move to a wisdom-based culture and civilization, he says, we need to move to the divine feminine.

There is no choice—we risk our extinction. We are a part of a chain of being. We’re breathing the breath of life.

What we need to do to survive is to connect with the divine feminine within each of us: what we express inside, intuition nurturing tenderness compassion joy equanimity peace among other qualities.

Connecting with the Divine Feminine is the next phase of our evolution.

When we transcend to our own source of the Divine Feminine, we can experience the interconnectedness of life. These values are actually the very fabric of space time according to some scientists.

For our species to survive in the past, it was all about survival of the fittest, where the predator wins.

If the predator mentality or consciousness doesn’t leave nature, it may be that human beings were an interesting experiment that did not work.

For us to make the next leap we need to be the survival of the fittest no longer and pay attention to the divine feminism that is part of ourselves.

Here are some of the lessons on how to connect with the divine feminine based on lessons her learned from his mom.

Look and listen not with the eyes of the flesh.

What you hear when you listen is your soul.

Your mind is a conversation.

Listen deeper to the great presence, full of infinite possibilities, infinite imagination, the womb of creation.

This nothingness that is your own being is not a void, but a womb.

Emotional intelligence helps us be in touch with our own feelings and the feelings of others.

There’s also a spiritual intelligence, more holistic, that eavesdrops on the mind of god.

Is there a god? And if there is does she care about us? Chopra asks.

We now have a fundamental way of knowing what is the divine within us

Consciousness is a singular: it has no plural.

When we can feel the universe in a flower, we are in touch with our soul.

Emotional intelligence is empathy and bonding. The greatest leaders bond. Great leadership is about establishing bonds.

To be a great leader you need to bond and to have vision of the kind of world you want to live in, to ask:

What’s the purpose in life? What’s my contribution? What are my unique skills and how to I put my services to work for the ecosystem? Are we here for a reason? Does god exist? Does the universe has meaning or purpose?

You don’t have to know the answers, you just have to live the questions.

What kind of  leader do I want to be? What do people really want?

From this flower to a rain forest to a galaxy, the same intelligence permeates all. The best way to respond isn’t winning all the time. Beyond predatory winning is a deeper intelligence.

Not mindless doing but mindful doing.

Doing that comes from a place of love.

Do with love makes you an architect of change.

Our identity is based on our confusion that exterior looks and attributes which sacrifice self esteem for self image. True self esteem makes you truly independent –open to feedback.

It’s time to empower ourselves with true self esteem to recognize we’re not beneath anyone.

Empowerment is a deeper level of our own being where we are fearless and independent and  we have responsibility for our own well being.

Women have been the caretakers, the leaders. When you get into the home, the women rule; they are the caretakers of all and sacrifice themselves.

If we really want to make a difference we have to take care of ourselves.

Synchronicity is meaningful coincidences which are the anonymous gifts from the divine, the clue that shows that our thoughts are relationships, are social interactions.

Unfortunately, this is when I got the text to go to the rehearsal.

Fortunately, we can all hear this and more at the Women’s Conference website. Joine me there! Let me know what you think!

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