Are You A Linchpin? A Fan of Tribes & Seth Godin?

Back in April of 2008, I’d been blogging about six months when a fellow blogger, Paul Squires, turned me on to Hugh McLeod, who, in turn, turned me on to Seth Godin. The blogging world is like that: one idea and person leads to another and another and soon your world is completely changed. Forever.

During my two year online friendship with Paul, we explored World Domination and how the true currency is time. It’s what we all have at our disposal and it is up to us to use it to our best advantage and to be a responsible and caring world citizen.

I bought Seth Godin’s book Tribes soon after it came out in January 2009. It’s the kind of book that you can read straight through or pick up periodically for inspiration. I kept it next to my work area. I planned to read it as soon as summer school was over and to blog about it here along with more about Linchpins. I looked forward to talking with Paul about it.

But while I read Tribes and enthusiastically marked it up with pencil comments and exclamation points while we were camping in the Sierra, unfortunately that conversation with Paul never happened: Paul Squires died in an accident July 28, 2010. I lost my closest online buddy, and online friend. I lost a key member of my Tribe.

Fortunately for me, I’ve discovered local members of Seth’s Tribe, Linchpins photographer David Pu’u and Betty B designer Donna Von Hoesslin and more, and I’ve attended one of their gatherings where I learned that Linchpins from around the world will meet in 2011 in Ventura. I even started writing a really nice note to Seth Godin asking him to invite me. Then on Monday, I learned that Seth Godin is opening up his 10,000 member Tribe on Ning.

Are you ready to change and challenge your world? Have you read Tribes or Linchpins?  If you have, ask Seth to send you an invitation by going to this blog post

This is a very limited time offer: if you are interested, you need to apply right away. Click the link and follow through now.

Learn more about Godin’s book Linchpins and the Ventura Linchpins.


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