Try This: Scheduling Blog Posts, Tides & Meteor Showers

I am a huge fan of Pacific Publisher’s TideLogs, a slim weekly calendar featuring an Escher print of the sea and sky that visually shows the low and high tides as well as the amount of sun and when the moon rises and sets AND where the planets are!

I’ve enjoyed TideLog’s since I received my first one as a solstice gift in 1992. Each year when I get my TideLog, I flip through it looking for the year’s astronomical highlights; in particular I am interested in when are the eclipses and the meteor showers.

When I received my 2010 Tidelog last year and saw that this  year the Geminid shower would be exceptional, I went ahead and wrote a blog post about it–nearly a year in advance. On WordPress I could even schedule it, which I did–for today. I remember thinking that the Friday before the main day of the meteor shower would give people a chance to find out about it and plan to see them plus they might catch some over the weekend.

So keep in mind next time you come across something that you want to blog about even if it’s far off in the future, you should do it! Figure out when it would be best to publish it and schedule. It’s almost like a little gift to yourself.

What follows is the post I wrote last year about Monday’s Geminid meteor showers.

Wish Upon A Star: Stay Up for Geminid Meteor Showers Monday Monday night, December 13, the Geminid meteors will once again delight sky watchers with shooting stars after the waxing half moon sets (about midnight here on the western Pacific coast.) Last December, Bjørnar G. Hansen took this photo of a Geminid meteor with the northern lights and it was posted on NASA’s APOD site. Aurora Shimmer, Meteor Flash Credit & Copyright: Bjørnar G. Hansen, Explanation: Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, haunted … Read More

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2 thoughts on “Try This: Scheduling Blog Posts, Tides & Meteor Showers

  1. Weather says clouds up here Monday. Poo. Hope the clouds are tardy! (Also, on the 20th is a total lunar eclipse, almost right on the solstice. I expect you also have that queued up as well ;)

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