winter solstice lunar eclipse: rituals for self, world, business!

Here in the northern hemisphere, tonight is the last night of fall 2010 which means tomorrow the day’s will start to get longer and the night’s shorter.

Tonight is also unusual because the moon is full AND there’s a lunar eclipse which will be in full swing around midnight.

So that means tonight’s the kind of night to “reset” your clock and to set in motion your intentions for the coming year of growth and change.

While many of the ancient peoples found events like these to be full of fear, they also found ways to meet the challenge.

This blog post from Art Predator shares some rituals I’ve used to mark the winter solstice and a lunar eclipse.

At the very least, light a candle and set down in words goals you have for yourself personally, for your business, and for how you want to be in the world around you.

winter solstice lunar eclipse: rites of passage …[existential] changes of condition do not occur without disturbing the life of society and the individual, and it is the function of rites of passage to reduce their harmful effects. That such are regarded as real and important is demonstrated by the occurrence of rites, in important ceremonies among widely differing peoples, enacting death in one condition and resurrection in another. — Arn … Read More

via art predator


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