How to get a Facebook biz page in 3 easy steps & what’s next

Is your business on Facebook? Or have you avoided the Facebook revolution even though you know you should be using Facebook for your business?

Here’s how to get a Facebook account for your business and not really be on Facebook yourself, and what to do with your Facebook page once you have it.

1. Go to and get a personal Facebook account. Make all your settings private. Ignore the prompt to friend people in your email accounts and no one will know you’re there except Facebook. Get your own URL (one with your name) so no one else has it.

2. Get a Business Page where you will ask people to “like” your business. Once you have 25 people who “like” your page, go get your own URL so the link has your name in it instead of random numbers and letters so it will look like this:’s how I got mine. If you personally are not on facebook or don’t have a lot of friends, you’ll have to email contacts and ask them to “like” your business.

3. If you don’t want to be on Facebook yourself, deactivate your Facebook profile.

Once you have your Business Page, start filling it with content on a regular basis so that when someone checks out your page, there’s something there. Most of my content comes from my blog and it links back here. I also post business and writing related articles, ideas, and tips.

While you’re logged on to Facebook, please have your page “favorite” or “like” my page:

TIP: One way to support other businesses and to give a pat on the back to specific people or organizations; when you want to mention someone, use an @symbol in front of the name and look for the name to show–that’s a link and when you use that tool, your comment will go on that person’s page, profile or wall.

Want to know more about how to use Facebook for your business?

1. Discover Mari Smith. She’s the Facebook expert.

2. Download this free ebook which offers five Facebook business case studies.

3. Read my notes here from a workshop on social media

If you do stay on Facebook yourself, you might want to read this post to learn how to track who “unfriends” you and how to measure your “clout” with Klout.

Read a review of the Facebook movie here.


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