Robert Peake’s poetry & his review of mine

A week ago Sunday, I exchanged poetry collections with one of my favorite local poets, Robert Peake and on Saturday, Robert Peake published his on-line review of my new book, Middle of the Night Poems from Daughter to Mother :: Mother to Son.

Read more about Robert Peake’s new book and his review of mine below. Or just go here to read Robert’s Peake’s review of Middle of the Night.

Robert Peake's glorious poetry collection & glowing review of "Middle of the Night" Last Sunday, we drove my 90 year old father-in-law Ralph up to the 5,000′ pass at Pine Mountain in the Los Padres National Forest to see all the fresh snow, which fell unusually low for our area the previous day–snow actually dusted the streets of Ojai Valley as well as the San Fernando Valley. Then on our way to Boccalli’s for dinner, we swung by Robert Peake’s place in Ojai and he and I exchanged our new poetry books. Robert’s book is part of … Read More

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