Tuesday Tips: Get Physical

This week, my family and I are in Utah for some skiing at Brian Head and camping at Zion which means I won’t be too active on my various social media sites.

Which brings me to today’s tip: get physical!

Whether it’s out in nature skiing, hiking or camping, or a walk or bike ride around town, or yoga in class, at home or the gym,  get physical–several times a day! Get the blood pumping, get your body moving, get the oxygen flowing to your brain!

Honestly, it can be as simple as doing some twists at your work station or as elaborate as a few sun salutes.

It will be good for your body–and your mind. Have fun!

PS I’ll write more about our travel to Utah and adventures on Art Predator. We definitely recommend Brian Head, Utah–it’s a great little mountain, perfect for families with lots of places to stay where you can ski in and ski out!