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Today #StopTheNSA 2/11/14

Join us.

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Here’s why.

Congress is considering two major bills.

We need to tell Congress to pass the USA Freedom Act and amend it to make it even stronger. Here’s how.

This Information and more from The Day We Fight Back:

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You’re Invited to The 3:15 Experiment’s 20th Anniversary Party August 1-31, 2013 3:15am

Set your clocks for 3:15am tonight and join The Experiment!

art predator

manrayjumpssm2The 20th Anniversary of the 3:15 Experiment

(Note: Last summer my doctoral fieldwork was on the 3:15 Experiment; below is one of the papers I wrote on the topic illustrated with some of my 3:15 poems that were published in ArtLife Limited Editions. This year, my fieldwork is on Burning Man which takes place during the last week of the 20th anniversary of the Experiment. Everyone is invited to give it a whirl!)

             “Even sleepers are workers and collaborators in what goes on in the Universe.” Heraclitus.

“For it is here, where we stand, that we should try to make shine the light of the hidden divine life.” Martin Buber (2006, p. 38)

“Remember here that the “word” in our culture is inked in black, and this selection of color for ink may be more than merely convenient and efficient. The very blackness of the linked letter supports…

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The Perfect Clock for Wine Bloggers: Cheers, it’s time for an adult beverage!

Do you know what time it is? That’s right, it’s time to write, write, write, and revise revise revise! And then it’s time for an adult beverage or two! If you want tips in that department, click on over to Wine Predator! PS Happy National Poetry Month! Are you writing any poetry?

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I’m a seasoned writer and wine blogger, about to hit 300 blog posts over here on Wine Predator (and 1300 on Art Predator!), but even if you’re a beginning wine blogger, with only a few blog posts and wine samples under your belt, you can probably relate to this Writers Clock!

I do have two revisions: instead of “Toss,” it should be delete or trash, then undo!  And instead of “Submit,” it should be “Preview”!

I love that every hour it’s time for an adult beverage! And I think it’s about time for one for me–an Ojai Vineyard Rose in fact, nice and crisp for this warm spring day! This rose is mostly Roll Ranch Syrah from the upper Ojai Valley (read more about Ojai Vineyard’s Roll Ranch Viognier and Syrah) with 5% grenache and 5% riesling. I opened yesterday to have with our Easter ham, mashed…

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If you need help with spelling, punctuation or grammar, we can do it! We can proofread blog posts before they go up or emails before they go out! Make sure your message makes sense!

whisper down the write alley

Actually there is nothing wrong with the picture–but there is a lot wrong with the text! What do you think this gallery is trying to say? How would YOU revise this text? Please comment and leave a link to your blog!

Only 15 days left to apply….  

Collector’s Choice 

Sylvia White Gallery   

15 of the galleries best collector’s

will jury this exhibition

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Alley to Teach at Ojai Poetry Bootcamp June 30

Is your writing on the flabby side? Do you need a good workout to get your poetry in shape or revitalize your writing practice?

Next Saturday, I will be teaching at the Ojai Writer’s Conference Poetry Bootcamp which runs Saturday, June 30 and  Sunday, July 1.This is the last weekend of a month long series of writing activities, workshops, and events.

You can  attend one or both days–it’s $50 for either Saturday or Sunday or $99 for the whole weekend which is a great deal for 6 hours of workshops from 4 teachers!

Saturday, June 30:

1-3 pm: “Hello, Nature, What Do You Have to Tell Me Today?” with Gwendolyn Alley {Read Bio Here} – Take the lessons learned from Haiku (expressing emotion through observations of nature) and apply them to other forms of writing. Also learn to transform writing (prose) into poetry.

3-5 pm: “Speak Your Heart – Unravel Your Life’s Purpose Through The Mysterious Language Of Your Soul” with akka b. {Read Bio Here} – As part of her Poetry With Purpose series, akka b. introduces poetic tools to help decode and access the specific gift/s we are all born with and ways to implement them in daily life. Akka challenges her students to dive deep into the poetry of the heart, where fragments of personal story and experience are illuminated  profoundly, and practically applied. At the end of the two hour class, participants will have not only a more meaningful understanding of poetry, they will have an original poem – evidence of their renewed relationship to the unique expression of their soul.

Sunday, July 1:

1-3 pm: “If Your Poem Had Footnotes…” with Perie Longo {Read Bio Here} – It has been said in every poem we write is the seed for the next poem. It is also true in each poem there is a place it can deepen by filling in the emotional tension left out in the editing process. Bring one poem (and some copies to share) to examine and discover invisible poems struggling to come from the dark, along with honoring what is already there, making more of it. We will also write a poem/s inspired by your own.

3-5 pm:“Chocolate, Wine and Poetry Tasting Workshop” with Sandra Hunter {Read Bio Here} – Afternoon of eating chocolate, sipping wine and writing sensory-inspired poetry … Organic chocolate from local Chocolatiers (chili chocolate fudge and citrus-infused chocolates) and local Casa Barranca Vineyard wines. Given that this is the last segment of Poetry Bootcamp, enjoy finishing or polishing up poems to share during the Pink Moment Sunset finale gathering.

Connect Ventura Launches At Westside ArtWalk Summer 2012

The vision for Connect Ventura is a co-working space for free-lance creative entrepreneurs, a place where they can work together, bounce ideas off of each other.

The space is 50 West Main, Ventura, just West of Ventura Avenue–and the space is rapidly becoming a place as Josh Addison and others dream and vision. Continue reading

Next poetry reading: May 8 at the Artists Union Gallery. See you there! Happy Earth Day and Happy National Poetry Month!

Compassionate Rebel


dolphin play, steelhead run, pelican peer

Channel Islands sail, Anacapa arch

salt lips, rock rolls, finch dawns, fog noons, moon climbs

sea, sycamore, sage, lupine jeffrey scents

Topa Topa light, Pine Mountain Star night

life, work, growth amidst our sacred landscape

Today is Earth Day! To celebrate, I am posting a poem I wrote a few years ago celebrating my local landscape.The broadside was published in ArtLife Limited Editions; it features a reproduction of a much more colorful body print I did of myself as the coastline in spring.

I hope you get a moment or two to celebrate your local landscape during this Earth Month!

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Upcoming readings: Saturday April 14 in Santa Barbara as well as Tuesday May 8 in Ventura. Poetry month and Mother’s Day specials:
Get two copies of the book for $20 (save $2.95 on each copy)
Get two ebooks for the price of one (save $6.95!)
Buy one print copy at $12.95 and get an ebook FREE!

art predator

Happy National Poetry Month! If you’re in driving distance of Santa Barbara, there are a number of wonderful readings scheduled to celebrate!

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