Yes I do weddings! I can help you with the writing, the organization of the service, finding the right poems, scriptures, rituals and more!

I can even perform the service!

I understand that planning a wedding is a daunting task. Coming up with a service that feels right for you is hard work and finding someone who will be open to your ideas can be an even greater challenge. Email me to start the conversation about how I can help your wedding service reflect your deepest ideals: gwendolynalley AT yahoo DOT com

Read about how I discovered my calling.

Below, read more about the Levine wedding I performed in May including the Pablo Neruda poem which began the service after a ritual smudging and prayer to the four directions by a shaman.

"Dazzle By Day": Poetry from "Intimacies" by Neruda with paintings by Heebner Dazzle of Day by Pablo Neruda Enough now of the wet eyes of winter. Not one single tear. Hour by hour, green is beginning, the essential season, leaf by leaf, until, by spring’s name, we are summoned to take part in its joy. How wonderful, its eternal openness, clean air, the promise of flower, the full moon leaving its calling card in the foliage, men and women trailing from the beach with a wet basket of shifting silver. Like love, like a medal … Read More

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