The Write Alley Coaching and Writing Strategies Inc collaborates with clients to create compelling content along with careful editing of on-line and print projects including blogs, newsletters, book length manuscripts, and other materials in ways that are sensitive to the health of both planet and people.

While many people enjoy writing, most find it difficult to do, especially copywriting. Figuring out the best words, getting them down so they make sense, and making sure the writing follows the rules has it challenges–and rewards. Even professional writers turn to writing groups and others for support and feedback.

Because getting the words right is so important, the biggest outsource expense after IT for a small business owner is copy writing. Most good, experienced freelance copywriters cost around $100 an hour or more.

Instead of simply outsourcing writing projects or struggling alone with them, The Write Alley coaches clients to write it themselves. With coaching from The Write Alley, clients gain confidence and develop skills to get projects done right.

As more and more businesses “get social” and use on-line tools like blogs, twitter and facebook, small business owners will find that hiring an outside content provider or paying for one in-house full-time to manage these outlets is too expensive.  The Write Alley coaches are experienced writers who use these social media tools themselves.

While working on writing projects together, The Write Alley coaches help business owners brush up on their “English” so that everything that gets printed on-line or on paper reflects the business in a positive way—and brings in more business.

The Write Alley clients will

–see improved results from business writing

–write faster, better and stronger using customized tools and techniques

–find and develop a distinctive writing voice and style

–tap into creativity

–feel prepared to tackle each new writing project

–improve relationships with clients, bosses and co-workers because of better communication skills

–discover new ways of thinking and writing.

All strategic sessions include The Write Alley To Go To: a notebook, style guide, and other resources TBD.

In addition to coaching, The Write Alley Coaching & Writing Strategies Inc provides full editorial services. Coaches can work with clients on a regular basis or on specific projects or copywrite original researched articles for clients’ blogs, newsletters, or media packets. To see which strategy is the right choice, The Write Alley offers free consultations.

(Read about the difference between coaching and editorial services here.)


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