From Business Plan to Website

From Business Plan to Website in 99 Minutes for $99
with Gwendolyn Alley of The Write Alley Coaching & Writing Strategies

Yes, you can build your own website in less than two hours and for under $100 using WordPress’s blogging platform and by adapting text from your business plan or other documents you have already drafted.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the basics of website development (with no HTML or computer languages required!). This includes:

  • –how to build a website using a free WordPress blogging platform
  • –how to get your own URL web address for $15 a year from WordPress (included in your registration fee; if you do not need or want a URL, you will get $15 back or apply it to another workshop)
  • –how to transform key elements of your business plan into website material
  • –how to upload images, video, text, and whatever else you want onto your new site
  • –how to do basic SEO (search engine optimization) so clients can find your site

Because this is a hands-on workshop, you need to bring a laptop with wireless, a copy of your business plan if you have one, and other materials you want to use for your site. Before class, please research the name of your proposed website by completing a Google search. We will discuss “good” URLs during the class.

During the workshop, you will get feedback on your website in progress from other workshop participants (future customers!) and from workshop facilitator Gwendolyn Alley, head coach at The Write Alley Coaching and Writing Strategies. This workshop includes a follow-up visit to your website with an email of feedback plus an email from you with questions.

We intend to offer at least one workshop a month on how to use WordPress for your business. While some sessions will cover the basics outlined above, others will focus on improving your writing and your message.

Facilitator Gwendolyn Alley has taught writing at the college level for 20 years. Since 2008, she has helped 200 people develop their own free WordPress blogs. If you’re ready to join us, please drop us an email at gwendolynalleyATyahooDOTcom, leave a comment below, or subscribe to this blog by email to find out when and where our next session will be held.


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