Today #StopTheNSA 2/11/14

Join us.

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Here’s why.

Congress is considering two major bills.

We need to tell Congress to pass the USA Freedom Act and amend it to make it even stronger. Here’s how.

This Information and more from The Day We Fight Back:

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You’re Invited to The 3:15 Experiment’s 20th Anniversary Party August 1-31, 2013 3:15am

Set your clocks for 3:15am tonight and join The Experiment!

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manrayjumpssm2The 20th Anniversary of the 3:15 Experiment

(Note: Last summer my doctoral fieldwork was on the 3:15 Experiment; below is one of the papers I wrote on the topic illustrated with some of my 3:15 poems that were published in ArtLife Limited Editions. This year, my fieldwork is on Burning Man which takes place during the last week of the 20th anniversary of the Experiment. Everyone is invited to give it a whirl!)

             “Even sleepers are workers and collaborators in what goes on in the Universe.” Heraclitus.

“For it is here, where we stand, that we should try to make shine the light of the hidden divine life.” Martin Buber (2006, p. 38)

“Remember here that the “word” in our culture is inked in black, and this selection of color for ink may be more than merely convenient and efficient. The very blackness of the linked letter supports…

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The Perfect Clock for Wine Bloggers: Cheers, it’s time for an adult beverage!

Do you know what time it is? That’s right, it’s time to write, write, write, and revise revise revise! And then it’s time for an adult beverage or two! If you want tips in that department, click on over to Wine Predator! PS Happy National Poetry Month! Are you writing any poetry?

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I’m a seasoned writer and wine blogger, about to hit 300 blog posts over here on Wine Predator (and 1300 on Art Predator!), but even if you’re a beginning wine blogger, with only a few blog posts and wine samples under your belt, you can probably relate to this Writers Clock!

I do have two revisions: instead of “Toss,” it should be delete or trash, then undo!  And instead of “Submit,” it should be “Preview”!

I love that every hour it’s time for an adult beverage! And I think it’s about time for one for me–an Ojai Vineyard Rose in fact, nice and crisp for this warm spring day! This rose is mostly Roll Ranch Syrah from the upper Ojai Valley (read more about Ojai Vineyard’s Roll Ranch Viognier and Syrah) with 5% grenache and 5% riesling. I opened yesterday to have with our Easter ham, mashed…

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If you need help with spelling, punctuation or grammar, we can do it! We can proofread blog posts before they go up or emails before they go out! Make sure your message makes sense!

whisper down the write alley

Actually there is nothing wrong with the picture–but there is a lot wrong with the text! What do you think this gallery is trying to say? How would YOU revise this text? Please comment and leave a link to your blog!

Only 15 days left to apply….  

Collector’s Choice 

Sylvia White Gallery   

15 of the galleries best collector’s

will jury this exhibition

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Next poetry reading: May 8 at the Artists Union Gallery. See you there! Happy Earth Day and Happy National Poetry Month!

Compassionate Rebel


dolphin play, steelhead run, pelican peer

Channel Islands sail, Anacapa arch

salt lips, rock rolls, finch dawns, fog noons, moon climbs

sea, sycamore, sage, lupine jeffrey scents

Topa Topa light, Pine Mountain Star night

life, work, growth amidst our sacred landscape

Today is Earth Day! To celebrate, I am posting a poem I wrote a few years ago celebrating my local landscape.The broadside was published in ArtLife Limited Editions; it features a reproduction of a much more colorful body print I did of myself as the coastline in spring.

I hope you get a moment or two to celebrate your local landscape during this Earth Month!

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Upcoming readings: Saturday April 14 in Santa Barbara as well as Tuesday May 8 in Ventura. Poetry month and Mother’s Day specials:
Get two copies of the book for $20 (save $2.95 on each copy)
Get two ebooks for the price of one (save $6.95!)
Buy one print copy at $12.95 and get an ebook FREE!

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Happy National Poetry Month! If you’re in driving distance of Santa Barbara, there are a number of wonderful readings scheduled to celebrate!

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triiibes retreat: Brenegar on The Flow of Leadership

He proposes we take on a life of leadership by learning on how and where we are leaders arlready and strengthen that and build on that, and form a community to support each other.

Leadership is about taking initiative. It’s not about being an authority, or being in charge but taking charge.

What do you bring to the table to contribute? Be confident! Don’t be afraid!

Here are some very very rough notes: Continue reading

Jeff Veen’s Brief Explanation of the Web: by way of a narrative about ice & gold

Jeff Veen

How the Web Works“ Jeff Veen, along with Greg Veen, is a co-founder of Typekit.

“The web is going to be more like the way that we live and not just the way that we work” @Veen #wcsf

Back in the day, no one had cold drinks–except in winter–until someone, a doctor, figured out how to make ice which helped people. But it was up to an entrepreneur to figure out how to get it to people–how to  store it, and market it. Not to make cold drinks but to repserve food and thereby to make it safer and people healthier. (And the really brilliant idea wasn’t to deliver ice to people but to deliver a way to make your own ice to the people–good health and cold drinks!

You might have noticed that gold is heavy. (Well, maybe you’ve never been lucky enough to hold enough gold in your hand to notice its weight!) The race was on to ship it, move it quickly and safely from point A to B. The brilliant idea that changed how we deal with gold was when someone realized that you didn’t have to physically move the gold. You could keep ledgers of the gold and transfer it. Wealth became data and the industry transformed.

The web, Jeff Veen argues, is no longer about selling assets but providing services that makes experiencing what’s on the web seamless.

How can we make sure that we are looking at the web in a way that will keep us relevant as the race =for tech change increases?

The qualities that contribute to the web are what will make us users successful.

He tells a story about how competitive the web was and how showing running code built consensus. His story concludes with the lesson to listen to and work with your user base. You might want to get it out as soon as possible–so do it! And get feedback. And when you do, don’t apologize.

The speed of iteration beats quality of iteration.

Here are some quotes he shared during his presentation which support this concept:

Be liberal in what you accept and conservative in what you send. Jon Postel

Small pieces loosely joined….can accomplish amazing things. (?? will find out)

Information wants to be free. Stewart Brand.

We put everything, even our most previous memories, our photos on the web. We trust the web. It’s available, it’s democratic.

And it’s about to spill out of our computers.

All of the data we’ve been aggregating everywhere together is going to be available everywhere.

The web works best when it’s free and available for everyone. People are selfish. But those selfish people will lose out in the end.

Well that’s it for the first session! Food blogging is next! I’m going to post that over on Wine Predator–share the wealth…

Sorry for typos –just trying to get it out! (Oh, wait –what was that Jeff said? Don’t apologize?? Just do it! So here it is!)

Tuesday Tips: More On “It’s” & “Its” — what about “Its'”?

For last week’s Tuesday Tips, I discussed how to use it’s and its. In an email today from a PR firm, I came across this sentence:

“VOGA Italia hails from Italy, the country best known for producing some of the world’s best wine as well as its’ keen sense of style.”

which reminded me I didn’t even mention the third its’: this one is ALWAYS wrong. Just like hers and his, its is a possessive that doesn’t require an apostrophe. Its’ is not a word.

It is tempting to also question the sentence further (can a country make wine or have style?) but I’m not. At least not today!

Remember if you have copy that needs work, or if you need some coaching for your writing, let me know! I’m happy to help you.

Tuesday Tips: On "It's" & "Its" Here are two wonderful and important concepts from a blog post I was reading and which inspired me to write this morning: Social Networking at it’s very foundation is building relationships with people… Social networking at it’s finest: making friends and helping each other at the same time. Do you know the difference between “it’s” and “its”? Chances are that you don’t. There’s even a Facebook page about it’s and its (that’s where I found the gr … Read More

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