Tuesday Tips: Be a Social Linchpin this week!

It’s not every day that some of the best, most creative minds doing business today gather where ever they are to discuss ways to be “linchpins” and to bring passion and ingenuity to work and to the world.

But that’s going to happen tomorrow, Wednesday May 18 because Linchpin author Seth Godin has called for a worldwide meetup of Linchpins and linchpins everywhere have responded. Find out where here. Locally, there are a number of Linchpin gatherings. I’ll be at the one organized by David Pu’u and Donna Von Hoesslin at My Florist Cafe in downtown Ventura; it starts at 7pm.

If someone else isn’t organizing a meetup in your corner of the world, do what linchpins do and make one happen!

(What’s a linchpin again? Read about linchpins here. And here. Here too. And here. Heck, just search this site and you’ll see.)

On Thursday, May 19, Jodi Womack (pictured above with Seth Godin and I) has organized another one of her wonderful No More Nylons Women’s Business Socials. This one will be at the Big Buddha Lounge on highway 33 in Oak View–you can’t miss it! It starts at 6pm. You can bring your appetite because I am sure they will have some wonderful appetizers. They also have a decent by the glass wine list –good selections at reasonable prices. You could even order a glass of merlot and participate in #merlot day on twitter!

I love Big Buddha Lounge–it’s where I hosted a poetry reading during Ojai Wordfest. It’s a lovely space that encourages groups of people to gather and talk–perfect for a social such as this.

While the Ventura Linchpins try to meet monthly, and Seth calls for worldwide meetups of Linchpins every month or so, Women’s Business Socials meet monthly in Ojai and Ventura and other places as well. Here’s the schedule:

May 19: 6-8 pm at the Big Buddha Lounge, Oak View, CA
May 26: 6-8 pm at Fresh & Fabulous, 401 South A Street, Oxnard, CA
May 31: 6-8 pm at the Hurricane Club, 360 Park Ave S, New York, NY

June 8: 6-8 pm at The Lavender Inn, 210 East Matilija, Ojai, CA
June 22: 6-8 pm at Watermark on Main, 598 East Main Street, Ventura, CA

July 13: 6-8 pm at Agave Maria Latin Cusine on South Montgomery Street, Ojai, CA
July 20: 6-8 pm at La Dolce Vita, 740 B Street, Oxnard, CA

August 24: 6-8 pm Tutti’s Off Main, 34 North Palm Street, Ventura, CA

I’d also like to remind you artist types about a new group in Oxnard led by Tracy Hudak “The Art Pub” which meets the second Tuesday of each month at The Kitchen.

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